Royal Bubbles Global B.V./BelWines is only active in the wholesale market. The amount of any order depends on the kind of product and availability. It’s possible to buy a part of an offer.












Watch out! A global hacking/scamming gang that operates with the name of  William Zoltan used my website and
retrieve my data from my bank numbers to use it at advances of orders on their own accounts barcleybank in the London of my clients.
This gang is working very professionally and has the necessary knowledge to fraud worldwide.
This has happened several times ,meanwhile we reported to the police.
Advised on payments to Royal Bubbles Global bv always double check first whether the bank number is correctly.
If you got doubts please call or email me for the correct information.
Let's fight this together.

Your Advantage

Doing business with us, is in your advantage. Royal Bubbles Global B.V./BelWines has a low-cost structure. We have an extensive network in the food- en beverage industry worldwide. We are also very successful because we strongly believe in a direct contact between our customers, suppliers and ourselves.


Our specialties are champagnes, cognacs, liquers, vodka’s, rums, beers of worldwide famous brands, soft drinks like Coca Cola and many other brands as well as cigarette.


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The Netherlands

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"Since 1991 BelWines/Royal Bubbles Global B.V is very successfully active in the wholesale business market of champagnes, spirits, beers, cigarettes and other related products."